The main purpose of a chair is to develop activities of general interest to the community university, offering students extra academic training.

Activities of general interest are those that benefit the university community and the company without generating results owned by the latter. In the regulations of chairs a list of activities subdivided into training, dissemination and transfer and dissemination activities.

It is recommended that activities aimed at the university community be diversified.

Provided that it is included in the agreement of the chair and does not exceed 50% of the minimum provision established in the regulations, activities of those contemplated in article 83 of the LOU may be agreed. For it, the corresponding service must, before signing the agreement, supervise the activity.

The chair is managed through an organic key on which specific keys that are opened depend depending on what is included in the signed agreement.

The organic one facilitates the opening of the chair and the specific key is the one that will be opened for each of the activities with different treatment, depending on the organic.

The management of the activities is the responsibility of the chair director who can be supported by the school or entity to which the chair is attached.

The hiring must come collected in the agreement of creation of the chair, whose duration should never be superior to that signed in the agreement.

The economic endowment destined to the hiring must not exceed 50% of the endowment of the chair.

Administrative personnel may be hired provided they are included in the agreement for the creation of the chair of company and under the regulations and review of the human resources service of the UPV.

The chairs do not allow payments to UPV personnel from the cost center for the realization of activities of general interest.

Always, according to UPV regulations, and intended for work of article 83, payments may be made to personnel, in accordance with the specific regulations of the activity carried out.

Yes, according to the UPV R & D & I regulations, the duration of the agreement is the one that marks the key openings

The different specific keys that are opened will depend on the organic Code of the chair, provided that The activities are included in the agreement. For training on demand a key will be opened specific 80, for contracted research a specific key 60.

According to the regulations, the annual financial contribution must be exhausted every annuity, however, if If there is any remaining, it will go to the sustainability fund of the chair.

Yes, collaboration grants may be called from the sustainability fund but will appear as scholarships linked to R + D + i activities, not as an activity of the chair.

Sponsorship from a chair is not possible, the chair may collaborate in that event Assuming an expense.

The agreement must include the activities that will be carried out and that will be specified in the commission of tracing.

No, you must perform various activities for the university community.


Associate your name to a prestigious university with responsibility commitments and report to the society.

  • Share academic knowledge and get in touch with the innovative, scientific-technical environment, Associate the name of the company with that of the university through a qualified, lasting and prestige.
  • Relationship with students, with professors and researchers located at the forefront of the investigation.
  • The activities of the area of ​​knowledge and interest of the company and the university jointly.

Communication and dissemination of activities, space on the university website. UPV accreditation.

The amounts paid or the expenses incurred are considered deductible expenses for determine the tax base of the Corporation Tax of the collaborating entity, according to the article 25 of Law 49/2002, on non-profit entities and tax incentives for patronage.

No. It is a business collaboration agreement for activities of general interest, regulated in the Article 25 of Law 49/2002, on non-profit entities and tax incentives for patronage.

The university issues a proof of income, does not issue a certificate of donations to the agency tributary

No, for the amount contributed to carry out activities of general interest, an invoice is not issued. Issues proof of income.

It is not foreseen in the university that the company can make contributions in kind through the Chair of company.

No, the financial contribution made by the company for a chair at the UPV must be entered in your whole in the UPV.


The monitoring commissions, as established by the rules of chairs, are convened by the director of the chair.

It is the director of the chair that draws up the minutes of the commissions.

For the signing of the minutes it is necessary, in the first monitoring commission, to include a point in the order of the day that is appointment of president and secretary of the commission. This way, they will be Those in charge of signing the minutes and the signing process will be expedited.

As the rules of the professions say, the monitoring commission must be convened at least twice year.


Any aid or prize awarded by the chairs must be formalized by public announcement, according to applicable regulations.

The call must be sent to the SIE at least two months in advance.

Yes, according to the transparency law.

It must be sent to the SIE:

  • Completed call for signature by rector
  • Documentation completed for publication in the DOGV.
  • Minutes and resolution of the call for the rector’s signature.


With the agreement of the chair signed and the appointment of the director, the specific code is opened.

In the case of an agreement with a subsidy, in addition to the signed chair agreement and the appointment of the director, the chair of the chair completes the settlement model.

Yes, it is possible as long as the application for opening early public assistance is provided, the resolution of the DOGV, BOP or BOE where the subsidy is granted, the proposal for signing a grant application and the settlement model.

Yes, as long as the agreement is signed by both parties and the specific code of the chair is opened.

If it is a subsidy approved in the budgets of the Generalitat Valenciana or the BOE, it may request, processing it with the documentation specified in question 38.

The opening of the chair is communicated by email, sent to the chair of the chair. In said email indicates the numbering of said password, which will be used to identify it while it is in force.

Once we have received the key opening communication, the incorporation of the endowment Economic may take a few days. If the transfer receipt is available, it can be provided for Streamline the process.

Everything will depend on the validity established by the agreement. Regardless of the date of signature, it You should check the effective date of the activities to be able to advance the realization of the activities before signing.


The UPV disseminates the activities of the chairs through its communication channels.

From signing in public act of the chair, at the time of its creation to the different activities that are programmed, always requesting it to the communication area, which will publish according to the criteria that have established.

Yes, the Vice-Rector’s Office makes its social networks available to all business chairs and classrooms the activities that require dissemination. Sending an email to noticiascatedras@sie.upv.es

Yes, the creation of a space is managed at the signing of the chair, from the Vice-Rector’s Office, together with the ASIC,
web (microweb) so that the chair can publicize and disseminate its activities, publish the calls, committee meetings and all relevant information related to the objectives of the chair.

At the end of the calendar year, the Office of the Vice President for Employment and Entrepreneurship requests the chairs and classrooms the information and coordinates and publishes the activity report of the UPV chairs.

Yes, from the Office of the Vice President for Employment and Entrepreneurship distribution is made to all companies and entities that collaborate with the chairs program.

Yes, it is published both on paper and on CD. In addition, it is available from the microweb of chairs of company http://www.upv.es/entidades/CATEMPRE/